This is the website of David Wray. Its purpose is to share information and ideas about the teaching of literacy, and other, linked topics. You are welcome to explore, download whatever you want to read, and contact me with comments and suggestions.

My articles

I have written over 160 articles and chapters about aspects of literacy and its teaching. You can download the majority of these from here. Please remember that these are provided for your own personal use.

My blog posts

Here are my blog posts, on topics ranging from literacy and language teaching to the uses of technology.

My research


I have been, and still am, an active researcher. Details of my major research projects are given here, with links to published outputs.

My books


I have written or edited 60 books on topics related to literacy and its teaching. You can browse through the most significant of these here. In some cases you can even download a pdf copy of the book if you need it for personal research or development.

About me


Here is some material about me and about my background.

Contact me

You are welcome to contact me to discuss issues to do with literacy teaching or this web site. I’m happy to try to answer queries about literacy teaching, as far as I can.